Craig Davis

My career began 20+ years ago as a top producer before I found my calling in leadership and management.  Throughout the years of successes and mistakes, one of my greatest joys was focusing my efforts on the success of others.  By doing so, this fostered a team culture rooted in leadership behaviors, growth mindset, action, and having fun along the way.  My team’s success is what gave me success.

Ascend Xperience Coaching & Consulting is a result of following that same passion.  By pulling on my leadership experiences, personal development and training, and curated tools and techniques, my promise is to help you reduce friction and increase momentum.

My wife, daughter, 2 dogs, and I live in Northern California near Lake Tahoe where we love to ski, hike and hang.  I am a conqueror of cancer, a family man, a buddy, and in my belief, a good human… 

Achievements & Proud Moments

SUCCESS 125 Honoree
SUCCESS Magazine

Conquered Stage 3 Cancer
Mindset + Medicine got me through.

NeuroLeadership Institute
Brain Based Coaching Skills

Achieved MBA

2X Tahoe Trans Relay Race
Swim race across Lake Tahoe

Successfully Summited
-Mt Hurus, Peru (18k’)
-Mt Rainier (14k’)