My Library

This page is dedicated to some of my favorite content and products I use in my business and life.  Enjoy!


We all have very busy lives and making time to read can be difficult.  For me, Audible is my solution so I’m listening to great books while on a walk, run, drive, and so on.

I love every book below, and many more.  I often reference these books in my coaching and keynotes.  



Vids worth watching and sharing

Vids worth Watching & Sharing


I am often asked what mic and camera I use, so I want to share.  This is high quality, and although you can find cheaper, which I used before, however for the consistent quality I and you need, this is my recommendation.

I love reading this free morning newsletter.  It keeps me in the know without getting lost in the news.

I’m a hug fan of my Remarkable 2.  I’ve gone from the 5 competing notepads to just this (and maybe 1 notepad…).  It is a little $$, but it is worth it from a productivity standpoint.

These large Post-its are perfect for brain dumping, planning, and much more. 

This mic pics up a clear and crisp voice even with a little distance.

This camera is an upgrade and worth it.  Auto focus stays in tune, it’s clear, and handles the varying lighting well.

The key is the magsafe with this tripod.

I love the soft box light as it isn’t too intense on my eyes…thus avoiding migraine city…

Do not get the cheap $25 ones.  These work great.  My only wish is that they had a magnetic clamp to put anywhere on my shirt.